Catering Service

In the past, we supplied catering companies namely Supervision Food Services, Fedics. Capitol Caterers , Mandate and Feedem Caterers.

Soup Powder
For soups and also for flavouring and thickening all meat, poultry and fish dishes.

Soya Mince
To replace mincemeat and also to extend meat, poultry and fish dishes. The soya mince is flavoured with spices such as beef, chicken, chilli and then it also absorbs the flavours of the beef, mutton, chicken and fish.

Batter Mix

Cooldrink Powder
Containing Vitamin C

Chocolate Drink
Contains milk and sugar so you only add water.

Custard and Jelly Powders

Milk Blends
Far cheaper than cows milk and is in powder form thus having a long shelf life and easily transported.